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@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ I had some trouble during TLS communication between both of my gRPC server and c
## TODO:
- [ ] Create intermediate authority to sign certificates on behalf CA to add more security. If intermediate is hacked then you can revoke from CA and generate new intermediates keeping CA isolated from beeing hacked.
- [ ] Complete tests
- ~~[x] Complete tests~~
## Configuration
If you are on `dev` environment, like I've been doing, you must create `.env` file similar as `.env.example` in this repo:
@ -59,6 +59,23 @@ Then you can just run
go run main.go
## tests
Just simply run make command and watch coverage results on `cover.html` within `coverage`
make test-coverage
rm -rf coverage
mkdir coverage
go test -v -coverprofile coverage/cover.out ./...
=== RUN TestCredentialsFromKeyWithPasswd
--- PASS: TestCredentialsFromKeyWithPasswd (0.37s)
=== RUN TestCredentialsFromKeyWithPasswdError
--- PASS: TestCredentialsFromKeyWithPasswdError (0.46s)
coverage: 90.9% of statements
ok gitea.urkob.com/urko/go-grpc-certificate/pkg/credentials 0.839s coverage: 90.9% of statements
go tool cover -html coverage/cover.out -o coverage/cover.html
## goreportcard
make goreportcard