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# Bitcoin Payment Checker
Bitcoin Payment Checker is a modern Go application designed to facilitate Bitcoin payments for orders. It provides a seamless interface for clients to pay the Bitcoin equivalent of an order amount, offering a wallet address for payment and tracking the payment status in real-time.
## Features
- **Real-time Bitcoin Conversion**: Automatically calculates the Bitcoin equivalent of the order amount using current market rates.
- **Order Tracking**: Monitors the payment status from initiation to completion, ensuring transparency and reliability.
- **Notification System**: Alerts via email when payments are processed or if there are any issues.
- **Secure and Scalable**: Designed with security and scalability in mind, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.
- **Grafana Monitoring**: Supports integration with Grafana for advanced monitoring and analytics of payment transactions.
## Getting Started
### Prerequisites
- Go (1.15 or later)
- Docker and Docker Compose (for containerization and services)
- MongoDB (for database)
- An SMTP server (for email notifications)
- Grafana (for monitoring, optional)
### Installation
1- **Clone the Repository**
git clone
cd btcpaychecker
2- **Environment Configuration**
Configure your application by setting the necessary environment variables. You can find a template in .env.example. Rename this to .env and fill in the details accordingly.
3- **Build and Run**
- Without Docker: If you prefer to run the application directly on your machine:
go run cmd/btcpaychecker/main.go
- With Docker: To containerize your application, use the following commands:
docker build -t btcpaychecker .
docker-compose up
## Environment Variables
The application can be configured using the following environment variables:
- **DB_ADDRESS**: MongoDB address.
- **DB_NAME**: Database name.
- **ORDERS_COLLECTION**: Collection for orders.
- **CONVERSOR_API**: API for currency conversion.
- **RPC_HOST, RPC_AUTH, RPC_ZMQ, WALLET_ADDRESS**: Bitcoin service configuration.
- **MAIL_USER, MAIL_PASSWORD, MAIL_HOST, MAIL_PORT, MAIL_FROM**: SMTP configuration for email notifications.
- **WEBHOOK_URL**: (Optional) For POST callbacks upon payment completion.
## Dependencies
List of Go modules and external packages used:
- gofiber/fiber/v2: For HTTP server and routing.
- MongoDB driver.
- net/smtp: For sending emails.
## Dockerization
A Dockerfile is provided for easy application containerization, allowing for straightforward deployment and scalability. Refer to the Dockerfile for more details.
## Contributing
Contributions are welcome! Please refer to the file for guidelines on how to contribute to this project.
## License
This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.
## Demo
You can try it **[here on bitcoin testnet](**